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Dear Royal Daycare:

We wanted to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to your facility and team for the amazing educational direction and support that has been provided to Haylee. She has had a very challenging year emotionally and your team has done an amazing job providing her with exactly what she has needed. When we talk to friends and family about Royal Daycare, we refer to it as “school”, not “daycare” – because we feel that is truly what it is.

Mrs. Carol and Ms. Barb are two of the best teachers and people that I have ever come in contact with. The way they communicate and instill strong values within the children is very appreciated and very rarely seen. I know that Haylee will miss both of them dearly; as will we.

- Samantha D.

I would like you and your staff to know that if I am ever asked to recommend a daycare for their child, without hesitation, it would be Royal Daycare. There are not enough words in the dictionary to express my appreciation and thanks for the guidance, care, understanding and learning Sarah has received from everyone that has come into her life. Sarah has always had a story or two on the way home, of the evens of her day. She will carry these memories with her always.

We will certainly miss everyone at Royal Daycare, but we are only a “stone’s throw” away, hopefully we can visit as I know Sarah would like to see everyone and keep in touch.

- Bonnie K.

To Royal Daycare and Staff:

I am writing this letter today to pass my praise and thanks to all of the staff as my family and I feel that your daycare has provided assistance to my family to the highest quality.

Ever since my wife and I got new jobs, we couldn’t spend as much time at home with our daughters and we had to find somewhere where they could be taken care of and have fun. We looked for a while for a place where we could easily access and trust. Out of all the ones we looked at, Royal Daycare really reached out to me. From our daughters’ first day there, they have always come back telling us of how much fun they had and how nice the kids and teachers were.

Seeing from both my perspective and that of my daughters, Royal Daycare has proven to my family that it is “the best of the best”. Your programs are very helpful in teaching the kids and entertaining them at the same time; from the French programs to field trips, which both of my daughters picked up knowledge from and enjoyed. We also appreciate the fact that my daughters get served a nutritious lunch every day and are able to keep on going. Royal Daycare has helped my family greatly and is of our greatest appreciation in passing special thanks to the staff.

- Jason Z. and Family August 13th, 2011

Dear Royal Daycare,
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the loving care you have provided our son Patrick with. Royal Daycare has played a good part of his development through the last three years. He started attending Royal Daycare as a baby and was very well trained in every aspect, now he is a very happy young boy and has a very good impression of attending kindergarten. We were always sure that Patrick was in good hands when he was here at Royal Daycare, full-days or half-days. We were very proud of the way the staff at Royal Daycare paid attention to each and every one of the children. Through your exceptional care, we were very confident to recommend Royal Daycare to our friends and neighbors. Patrick is very social, and we owe it all to the terrific team of teachers and staff at the Royal Daycare.

Our special thanks to Kim, Marcy, Cathy, Harvinder, Kelly, and Barbara.

- Ralf and Patrick S.

We are taking this opportunity to thank the operators and ALL the staff of the centre for the amazing work you have done with Andrew since he started attending in January 2006. The care provided was outstanding and you have greatly impacted on his academic development and social skills. We were particularly pleased that your facility offered him the opportunity to learn some basic French – a skill he seemingly likes as he watches his Disney featured DVDs in the French-language option. He looked forward to attending daycare every day, and quit frequently mentioned the names of teachers and his friends. We know he will miss his daily sojourn to the daycare.

Once again, thank you and the operators of this fine facility. We will not hesitate to recommend Royal Daycare & Early Learning Centre as an establishment for parents to send their children. Keep up the wonderful service you are providing to the children of Meadowvale. Thank you.

- Selvin and Marlene D.

Dear Royal Day Care,

I have been meaning to write this letter for a very long time and finally realized it can’t wait.

My two boys have been attending Royal Daycare & Early Learning Centre for many years. Simply put, my children have always been in very good hands at your centre. I feel confident that my children are benefiting from the guidance, warmth and direction your knowledgeable staff provides. The great group of girls at Royal Daycare have always been friendly and more importantly, they genuinely seem very interested in our children and their needs.

Thank you to all the girls responsible for my children’s healthy development, and for providing a safe and loving place for my boys to be. They really enjoy going to school.

- Sylvia C.